Indradhanush is our alternate education programme. We work with children and young adults from the greater Khan Market area, including youth from the servant’s quarters and first-generation learners. Our programme focuses on Hindi, English and Maths as the ‘core languages’ through creative means. Our primary mission is to instill a sense of curiosity in youth and empower them to take charge of their own education. The Indradhanush programme cannot, and doesn’t attempt, to fill the gap left by the public school system. We also offer a safe and creative space for our senior participants.

Indradhanush works through a combination of peer-leadership and dedicated volunteers from area colleges, the private sector and beyond. Our volunteers, in conjuction with our peer-leaders and programme coordinators, develop targeted session plans to address one of our core areas. Our sessions make use of all types of learning and focus on the kinesthetic. We make use of discussion, role-playing, theatre, puppetry, music, story-telling, film, and other creative means. We also hold workshops on topics as diverse as self-defense, roller-skating and percussion.

Indradhanush is democratic, and features a weekly meeting, Indradhanush Swayam Sankar. These sessions are moderated by the youth themselves. Additionally, the Indradhanush Historical Society organises history walks to neighbouring sites of historical interest. This fosters a sense of identity and connectedness to the youth’s cultural heritage. Manchele is our Kutumb band, and is comprised of our founders, Kapil Pandey and Manjima Chatterjee, as well as Kutumb youth. Manchele performs folk music as well as contemporary hits from bands such as Indian Ocean. Manchele would be happy to perform for NGO or corporate events.

Dastaan-e-Mohalla, our newspaper-cum-magazine, is a monthly publication put out by the youth of Kutumb. It includes poetry, fiction, artwork and commentary as well as providing updates on Kutumb’s activities, in Hindi and English.

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