The Kutumb Foundation envisions total community transformation, one young person at a time, through the total development of the individual, via the active creation of creative spaces for exposure through arts-led education. We see a gender sensitive world, with harmonious communities, empowered to face the future head on. We envision a world in which the non-profit sector works together with other social sector organisations, as well as the private sector, in order to foster positive change.



The Kutumb Foundation is a twenty-year-old NGO working for the empowerment of disadvantaged young people across Delhi NCR. We are an arts-led education organisation, dedicated to promoting the total development of the individual by way of building language skills, bridging developmental gaps, and addressing issues of identity; this is accomplished through the creation of creative spaces using the overarching lens of drama. Drama conventions anchor our work in the space of free libraries, storytelling, literacy programming, capacity building workshops, cultural programming, and sports for development football programming.