The performing arts and creative expression have always been fundamental to our work. To this end we organise performing arts events helmed by Kutumb’s band, Manchale, as well as facilitate third party theatrical productions, musical performances, storytelling sessions, and workshops as part of Josh-e-Umang. These performances provide outlets for our beneficiaries to learn and develop, as well as support our broader mission.  The performing arts are an educational tool that provide an emotional and reflective outlet for people of all ages, and also teach skills such as teamwork, leadership, punctuality, discipline, and creative processes.  Kutumb's cultural festival, Hilley-ley is an exploration of these processes. Over the years, the plays performed for Hilley-ley have explored diverse themes, such as: the value of honesty and truth (Charandas Chor); how to deal with corruption (Gandhiji ki Bakri); negotiating identities, diversity, prejudices, and the need to achieve harmony over differences (Us and Them); and the limitations of conventional education, through a play that was devised by the children based on their experience of alternate education at Kutumb (Ek Tha Natak). The Merchant of Venice was given a local context (Saudagari) and communal conflict was explored in depth (Ramleela).
2015 Manchale Performance

Manchale performs on the occasion of Friendship Day.

Hilley-ley 2012: Saudagari Part III

The Kutumb Foundation's adaptation of "The Merchant of Venice"

Hilley-ley 2012: Saudagari Part IV

The Kutumb Foundation's adaptation of "The Merchant of Venice"

Hilley-ley 2011: Ek Chhoti Si Ramleela

Anuja, Kutumb's long term supporter and advisor, introduces Ek Chhoti Si Ramleela at Hilley-ley 2011.

2019 Manchale Performance

Manchale performs at Artists Unite!

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