Since 2020, we have been conducting cultural programming in partnership with the Public Affairs Section, Department of State, US Embassy, for the American Center New Delhi. We have conducted over 40 events, which have been streamed on social media to thousands of viewers. We have hosted musicians such as Susmit Bose, BollyJazz, Tetseo Sisters, Bawari Basanti, Sanjay Mandol Group, and Niazi Nizami Brothers. We have hosted dancers such as Justin McCarthy, Vikram Iyengar, and Priti Patel and storytellers such as Kapil Pandey and Deeptha Vivekanand. Additionally, we have conducted dramatized readings with various Delhi University college dramatics societies. Our overarching goal for the events is to foster the development of bilateral ties, with a specific focus on shared values, and to encourage youth engagement in Delhi with the American Center Library.

Qawwal Niazi Nizami Brothers

Qawwal Niazi Nizami Brothers are one of the most well-known qawwali singers of the country. They have captivated their audiences through their Sufi and astana styles and modern qawwali traditions.They specialize in singing verses of Hazrat Amir Khusrau, the Sufi Saint. 

Tetseo Sisters

The Tetseo Sisters from Nagaland celebrate the songs of life, the beauty of the hills and storytelling, through the language of Li folk singing in Chokri Naga dialect. In this performance they will be exploring Christian gospel songs and how they have been adapted in their regional language.

Bharatanatyam Performance

North East West South: A Confluence: Dance Performance by celebrated American Bharatnatyam dancer, Justin McCarthy.

One Day Cover by Shiv Nadar School Students, reimagined by Anindo Bose

33 children from three branches of Shiv Nadar School share their rendition of the iconic song, One Day, by American singer-songwriter Matisyahu. The production has been brilliantly mastered by a noted keyboardist and arranger, Anindo Bose.