Currently Kutumb operates two libraries cum resource centres (in Savda-Ghevra, Delhi and Sector 7, Noida) as part of our Qissagadh Active Library, as well as an outreach centre in Nizamuddin. Our libraries are open seven days a week and cater to disadvantaged youth of all ages. By Active Library we refer to a safe space where young people can come together for independent research, reading and collaborative learning. Students not only consume knowledge, but also produce their own interpretations and understandings of what they have learned. In this way, we work to address the disparity between disadvantaged young people and those with better material opportunities-in terms of access to books and supportive learning environments. Our libraries feature a computer resource centre as well as a collection of over books in English and Hindi; the catalogue features books on a variety of subjects, within an international as well as South Asian context. The catalogue is divided into competency levels (Foundation, Basic, Intermediate and Advanced). Indradhanush is the targeted literacy assessment and support intervention of our Qissebaaz Book Club. Arts-led library programming focusing on developing foundational literacy skills, using drama conventions. Is central to our work.

Qissebaaz Session

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Qissagadh, Sunder Nursery Basti, Nizamuddin

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