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Currently Kutumb operates three libraries cum resource centres (in Savda-Ghevra, Delhi, Sunder Nursery Basti Nizamuddin, Delhi, and Sector 7, Noida) as part of our Qissagadh Active Library. Our Qissagadh Active Library programme uses arts-led library programming to improve students’ foundational literacy skills and serves as a safe space for independent research, reading, collaborative learning, and events such as storytelling sessions. This is in line with the government’s NEP 2020 goals for addressing foundational literacy skills, as outlined in NIPUN Bharat. Our curriculum is divided into four quarterly themes: Building Sustainability, Embracing Diversity, Breaking Stereotypes, and Exploring Power Dynamics.  Students develop language skills through structured lessons featuring our library books as part of the Qissebaaz Book Club. The catalogue is divided into four literacy competency levels (Foundation, Basic, Intermediate and Advanced).  Students are able to learn computer basics in an integrated fashion; they use computers to conduct research on topics related to their sessions, write book reviews, and conduct independent research.

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Qissebaaz Session

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Qissagadh, Sunder Nursery Basti, Nizamuddin

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